You are one step closer to getting clear with how you want the world to see you.

How do you commit to your next goal?

Having trouble with your LinkedIn profile? Not sure how to describe your new idea? Wondering how to sell yourself to your next future job?

It's been a rocky road for many to navigate the waters of layoffs, the economy, post pandemic world, and just about anybody I talk to these days wants a sea change.

I've designed this mini* workshop for entrepreneurs and creative seekers to dig into your next big idea, career, business, or passion that you want to ignite or transition to. This is a recording of a recent live workshop, and is extremely interactive. Get ready to do some writing with exercises and lots of thinking about WHO you want to become and HOW you want the world to see you. At the end of this Mini Workshop, you will have completed your Branding Statement which you can use on your LinkedIn profile, your resume, and share to prospective employers, friends, colleagues,... who ever!

**In this online mini workshop you will learn tips to:**

1. Define your personal brand. What makes you unique? What are your strengths and skills? What do you want to be known for? Once you have a clear understanding of your personal brand, you can start to communicate it to others.

2. Get clear on how you will craft your compelling signature offer, so others understand and embrace it.

3. Develop a strong online presence so people will first learn about you, through your website, social media and also LinkedIn.

4. Create a network of supporters. Your network is your net worth. The people you know and trust can help you to achieve your goals.



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Add on the Attract Like a Magnet Mini Course for an additional $67 (normally $247) and ignite your next big goal with a clear Plan and Goal Making Course.

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You will Build your Brand Statement based on Your Superpowers, with clear goals to ignite your "Next Big Thing".

You will also:

✅ Find out what Gilli’s secret formula is for building your brand and why it is essential. Your brand is x + y = ? Let's find out!

✅ Build the “Why” the “What” and your “How” in your brand

✅ Find out how Gilli built her own ‘central’ brand, bringing my experiences together as one brand, how I’m also doing the hard work in my own ‘brand’ evolution’, and hope that inspires you too!

✅ Learn how to move from here “A” to there “B” using your brand

✅ Understand why talent alone is not enough

✅ Define your uniqueness and share that in your brand

✅ Build your messaging so people “get” you and your amazing competencies.

✅ Get clear with what you want and build a model that’s easy, tactical and achievable.

✅ Do an exercise on building your brand, real time.

✅ Learn how to harness being multi-talented, multi-active and multi-productive, into constructive, focused energy and results

✅ Build practical steps to realize your “how” so everyone sees your talent and value

✅ Actually write your Opening Statement for your LinkedIn profile and Resume so that you attract new business or a new job - the one actually want!

✅ Find out about theCrea8ve and how it can help you become a passion leader

* It's a Mini Workshop. Why "Mini"? We’re always looking to learn something new, right? Life is all about knowledge seeking. But where’s the time? Building Your Brand Online Mini Workshop is designed to save you time. It’s not a complicated course with long videos & homework assignments that don’t move the needle.

You’ll find super quick tutorials, streamlined instructions, and absolutely zero fluff. That’s it.

"Gilli leads with empathy and understanding. She approached each session with positivity and optimism, allowing me to feel fully supported throughout our time working together. I am now in a place to tackle my goals with confidence and clarity."

Elizabeth Sayen,

Senior Product Designer

"Gilli helps you to develop a practical and comprehensive logistical plan to marketing your idea. However her real power lies in delving into your attitudes, belief systems and ultimate dreams in life which will ultimately decide the success or failure of your efforts. While I am often overwhelmed by the obstacles of this business, each coaching session with Gilli renews my positive attitude and empowers me to continue to move forward. While many times I begin my coaching session feeling lost, Gilli makes it possible for me to find my sense of purpose again and feel the joy in the process of making and marketing my music. She provides an invaluable service to the independent entrepreneur. She understands the process, the challenges, and the attitudes one must have in order to thrive in this pursuit. She is a great sounding board and guide!"Linda Bonadies
Creative Entrepreneur, Musical Theater writer & producer, and coach.